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So what’s our trip?

We are in the business of experiences. Providing you with travel, stay, people and food experiences that are one-of-it’s-kind and everlasting.

What kind of travel experiences, you ask?

Well, we are quite clear what it’s not! And that’s the one-city-a-day, ‘look, quick, that’s the Eiffel Tower!’, if its Tuesday, it must be Tuscany’ kind of thing.

Our kind of travel? Well, it’s different. Very different.

It’s about travel that is tailored to one’s needs. And not the other way round.
It’s about getting under the skin of a city. Not seeing the sights and catching the last bus out.

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For years and years now I have been looking for an opportunity to taste some adventure with like minded people, to explore the length and breadth of places unknown and yet not compromise on my safety. Thank you Priya for putting all the essentials of travelling in one beautifully packaged itinerary and also giving me the hope to dream on :)

Thank you Priya for actually making my dream come true. 


Rashmi Deepak, Homemaker, Kochi