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Katarina Starc

I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a small country touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean with a harmonical specter of natural and cultural beauties, currently living at the seaside town of Koper. Just finishing BA in Geography and am enrolled for Anthropology and Cultural Studies at Faculty of Humanities. In the past few years, I've gained experiences in event and project management, museum guidance and travel consulting.

Even at young age I found travelling appealing. I've worked in Germany and Cyprus and have been travelling extensively in more than 18 countries and planning for many more. I consider myself as a big fan of self sufficient regions and support the eco-lifestyle in everyday life.

Passionate about cooking vegetarian food and soaking up sunshine at the Adriatic coast, I consider jazz and nu jazz combined with the glass of red wine to be a moment of perfection.


Kaushal Karkhanis

Am a location independent entrepreneur who loves to travel. The longest was an amazing backpacking trip for 6 months in South America. I love to click photos of delicious food and totally run on caffeine. Am currently based out of Goa but wherever am, my heart is in Brazil and soul in Bhutan!


Suchita Menon

As Mark Twain famously said "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover." A restless soul by nature, traveling is my passion. Together with my husband who loves photography, we explore new places at every chance we get. Living in different cities across the United States for several years has given me endless opportunities to explore the continent. In my travels I have hiked glaciers in Montana, braved sand storms in Colorado & driven across the vast and beautiful stunning countryside of North America. I love to interact with the locals, eat their cuisine and immerse myself in their culture. From the awe inspiring beauty of the Utah rocks to the majestic California redwood trees and the vibrant cities of New York and Las Vegas..this country has something for everyone. So folks have fun and live in the moment!


Raghuram S Godavarthi

Currently, I reside in Chennai, India, but have been a resident of Delhi, India and Huntsville, AL, USA, in the recent, and not-so-recent, past. My educational background is steeped in engineering, but my Bachelor's and a Master's degrees are peppered with such extra-curricular activities as participating in every quiz possible, watching tons of movies, reading kilotons of books, writing, acting in amateur plays, …etc.

Traveling for me is a genetic inheritance, with both my parents never hesitant about upping-and-going, as the idiom goes. Thus, I can claim to have visited both the oft-seen tourist hotspots as well as some “offbeat” locations. I do hope to become a complete wandering bohemian someday....

One place I often return to is the plaza of Old Delhi called Chandni Chowk. This bustling, overpopulated, potpourri of humanity, with its signature food venues, is perhaps the one place where I lose myself with absolute abandon. This is also an inspirational spot for the poetically inclined, with its tradition of poets visiting the Mughal court at the nearby-located Red Fort. Here, amidst piles of Parathas (fried breads, usually served stuffed with cooked vegetables or dry fruits) and the strains of Urdu language poetry, is my personal glimpse of heaven.

Amit Dhawan

AD is a highly trained Tour Manager with great skills. He is probably one of you, who makes sure that everything runs smoothly. He is also an ice-breaker, a walking encyclopedia, a wine waiter, a party host, a conversation-starter, an entertainer and – perhaps above all – a friend when needed. In his own words "It gives me a great high when one experiences words like awesome, wow, splendid, beautiful, magnificent, resplendent,.. etc in unison with one or more individuals. Just like when you see the movie you love…the things you do, and where the journey will take you. So I guess that’s my calling and I’m all out to share it. So would I go alone climbing a mountain…..i don’t know…..but will I go with you…..oh yeah!!!! What I do for a living is almost like what we all do, but what I do to live is something I can share with you. So see ya soon…!! I’m here….where are you?


Shilpa Taneja Wason

There are no destinations, only journeys and our fondest memories are made of the people and places we came across in our journeys. If I could do one thing in life, I would travel. Currently soaking in the stunning Pacific North West- I share my love for travel with my 4 year old and techie hubby and believe we are on our way to soon becoming experts on traveling with young kids. I am an advocate of vegetarianism and love trying out new cuisines.

Timir Chokshi

A famous American pop movie character once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” There is a lot to see/do/feel in the world, and I do not wish to miss it. I was born in the USA, and have been a traveler all my life. I made my first international trip at 6 months old, and have since travelled all over the world for pleasure, for my music, and for my occupation. I am currently a resident of the wonderful city of San Francisco, California, and I am occupied as an internationally focused commercial professional in a telecommunications firm.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited 44 countries to date (most more than once), on 4 different continents. I am multilingual, and I believe that when you visit a new country or place, you must try and experience every part of that new culture, including the people, music, language ,food, drink and all those things that stimulate your senses the moment you arrive in that new place.

Luckily, I am married to a wonderful woman who shares my passion for travel. We have a beautiful daughter who had her passport issued at 6 months old, so we hope that she will also share our love for travel adventures.



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