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We are the Bucket List Travel Company.

People who are hungering for more. Bored, almost senseless with what we were doing till now.

Leading from the front will be Priya & Q.

Priya Q

‘What’s next?’is the motto that helps me keep my days fresh and exciting. I’m passionate about lot of things, but food and travel are right at the top. I quit my regular job for the love of travel. Besides short trips across India anda few sojourns in S.E Asia, I have backpacked across over 40 cities in Europe during a 4 month period. Today I blog at & has changed me; it has broadened my outlook towards people and life per say. Let me also share a secret here with you – Travel is the reason why I have friends across the globe today, so much so that on my last b’day, I received gifts from friends across 18 countries!! The only complaint I have however, is – Too many beautiful locations out there, too little time!




A Quizmaster & Event Director by profession, he is a natural traveler. Having made his Bucketlist quite some time back, he has accomplished a few of them to date, and is now seriously going all out for the rest of his list! A foodie and people's person, any adventure activity is challenging, and lesser the number of people who will dare, more are the chances that he will try it. In this new aavatar as a Bucketeer, he hopes to help one and all to get their Bucketlist organized and start accomplishing them too. A history & science buff, he plans to offer specialized tours for students, wherein they can learn, experience and enhance their classroom learnings. And not to forget, his dream of covering the all three GRAND TOURS of professional cycling in the same year (the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France & Vuelta a Espana) is another Bucketlist, that you can join him for....:)



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Trompe-l’oeil is French for ‘Trick the eye’ and one look at such a painting on the wall will tell you why it is called so...Lyon in France is full of them!