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Tour de France (TdF)

Call it the learning of a lifetime. Explore France through the landscapes and vineyards; experience the rush of the city and the calm of the countryside in an all-in-one tour as you learn about Tour de France and watch the riders in the peleton zip past you. TdF is today the world’s biggest annually conducted sports event!! Contact us now!

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Olympics 2012

Experience the biggest event in the world at London! Plan your event of choice and live through it at the world-class venues. Join the world’s leading artists as they perform live during the opening and closing ceremonies. Cheer your favourite heroes onto the podium. And away from all the action, get set for some action of your own. Make friends with people from around the world. Discover England’s very own fish and chips. Go pubbing! Contact us now!

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Combine your passion with a vacation you’ll never forget in a hurry! In the scenic beauty of the verdant greens, conquer the finest courses laid out around the world. Right from Scotland to the greens at Coorg, closer home.  (Not fully there yet? Then you must check-out our 4-day beginner’s Golf Holiday in Coorg.) Any which way, you block those dates and leave the rest to us. Contact us now!

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