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For home-bound housewives who have not seen the world much beyond their four walls. For paunchy executives who have not experienced the outdoors for a while. Or for kids weaned on PSP, Xbox and Cartoon Network, we have a list of eminently do-able trips for starters.

If you are bored of the run-of-the-mill, destination-hoppers that everyone seems to be throwing up, here's something that should get you going. Hobby-focused travel! So be it birding, or golfing, or travel photography, we have just the right travel holiday for you.

If its photography, choose between road trips to Vietnam and Safaris to the Serengeti. Golfing? We have courses from the lush greens of Scotland to the ones in Coorg. And so on…

Want to know more? Call us right now. And we’ll mail you your very own itinerary.

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