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Increasingly, travelling is becoming a way of life. With all its pitfalls and moments of sheer ecstasy. Go well prepared and make sure that you have more of the latter!Got some gems of wisdom of your own? Write to us, please! And we’ll make sure it makes it onto the website, with your name attached.


  • Keep multiple copies of your passport, visa and credit card. Ideally scan all of them and email it to yourself with a clear, explanatory subject line. And you can pull them out anytime there is an emergency.
  • Keep extra copies of your photograph as it appears in the visa
  • Get travel insurance
  • Do not keep all you money, travel cheques, credit card in one place

Money matters

  • Carry some foreign currency to cover incidental expenses. Rest you can exchange from any bank / money exchange outlets in your destination country. Banks generally give a better exchange rate, but check with local sources before doing the conversion.


  • If you plan to use your electronic gadgets during your travels then we suggest you invest in a multi-pin adapter. Don’t forget to carry the chargers!
  • Carry your camera and its accessories for capturing those memorable moments.

General planning

  • Check the weather at your travel destination. Carry clothing accordingly
  • Carry essential medicines
  • Carry ziplock bags. They are quite handy to store, segregate and organize things
  • Carry baby wipes / sanitizer
  • If you are on a long tour, consider carrying old clothes that you can dispose off while coming back. You will have more room in your bag for gifts and souvenirs
  • Carry clothes which dry off quickly and needs no ironing
  • Carry small foldable umbrella, sunscreen lotion and a hat or scarf to guard you from UV rays.
  • Carry a book that you can read during you train journey or while sipping that cappuccino
  • Carry a small notepad and a pen. It always helps that you jot down your experiences / details / expenses, etc.

When in Rome, what the Romans do!

  • Once you reach your destination, collect as much local information from info counters or the hotel you are staying in. This will help you plan and catch the latest attraction
  • Do what the locals do – catch a metro / bus; eat local food. This helps in getting your travel experience rich and full
  • Walking around the city (if you can) is almost always the best way to explore - you get to see things that you otherwise miss while traveling on a train / bus/ cabs
  • Go with the flow. If you get to know of some place during you travel, don’t miss on it just because it not in your itinerary! Be flexible. It helps filling your vacation moments with unforgettable experiences


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The Holy Trinity monastery on the intriguing rock pillar in Meteora, Greece was the filming location for James Bond movie – ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in the year 1981