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Far from the hippie roots, backpacking today is more than just travelling low-cost and bunkering down on park benches.

Its a state of mind.

About travelling sensibly. With a minimal carbon spend. Being ecologically aware. Sensitive to the surroundings.Minimally invasive, less a vacation, and more an education. Absorbing all, and yet leaving things untouched.Less ostentation, more essentials. Because what’s true about travel is true about life as well…

Less clutter, more clarity. Less baggage, more comfort.


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My family and me had a fantastic time on the small vacation that you had booked for us at the Hornbill Camp, near the Thettekkad Bird Sanctuary. The arrangements for kayaking and trekking were just what I had in mind.  Not only did we all unwind, but we seriously plan to come back to you in 2 months time for another such trip. Hope to meet you all soon.

Dr.Vinod Padmanabhan ( Orthopedic - Joint Replacement Surgeon, Kochi)