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This August Do Ladakh

  Ladakh, with its endless beauty has been a most favored travel destination for a long time. Coupled with the fact that some hit movies have also shown the locale in beautiful light has added to the charm of this place. So much so, that it has become a part of the Bucket List of most of the people I meet now – In India and abroad! Once in my group of friends, I voiced this observation and lo, I found two others who also had the desire to go to Ladakh, and thus was the plan formed for our very first Girls-on-the-Go trip . Come 25th August 2012, a bunch of us will embark on our journey to witness the magical landscapes at Ladakh. Dotted with monasteries, Ladakh is known as the land of spirituality and probably the only place on the planet where one can within a matter of few kilometers find – snow and sand, fiery sun and chilly winds, camels on the deserts and stunning hues of blue waters! We think pristine beauty of the locale and inner calm at the monasteries can be a beautiful combination to relax everyone’s jangling nerves from spending too much time in the city. Inviting everyone to open the gates to your inner soul and feel the calm settle within…for now you are in Ladakh!

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