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Extremely Delhi Part II

“For those who came in late”, you are exploring Delhi over the seemingly short span of seven days, and Days 1,2 and 3 were about “Old” Delhi (which is, really, second newest), Tughlaqabad (fairly medieval Delhi), and Purana Qila (legendarily the oldest, but in actuality a fine thread through history). Now, for the rest of the week…

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Extremely Delhi: Part I

If you ask any Indian about Delhi, you get a medley of images; some historical, some political, some weather-wise, some geographical. So numerous, and so at-odds are these images that, in the end, there’s only one word that truly fits Delhi: Extreme. The temperature swings through a gap of nearly 50 degrees between summer and winter; there’s architecture here originating from 300 BCE as well as 2000 CE; and the modes of transport also seem to bridge scarcely believable inequities. So there seems to be a tinge of validity when someone alien to the city wonders “Why would anyone want to live here?”

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