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Welcoming Monsoons

Piping hot fritters with ginger tea.... Pic: http://madhuja.com/2012/10/10/onion-pakorapeyanjionion-fritters/

Piping hot fritters with ginger tea….
Pic: http://madhuja.com/2012/10/10/onion-pakorapeyanjionion-fritters/

…...with some hot ginger tea and piping hot pakoras.

Many people complain that the monsoons give them blues; however it has a complete opposite effect on me.  I feel happy and ready to hum a little song here and tap few steps there. There is an unbelievable spring in my walk.

Icing on the cake is – when I sit opposite my window overlooking the greens that Kerala is so popular for and watch the droplets make ripples in the backwaters; with of course a cup of hot ginger infused tea in my hand. A calorie conscious and weight watching mind stops me from indulging in fired crispy pakoras (fritters) too often. But hey, monsoons aren’t enjoyed with full vigour without those fritters.

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