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Ladakh – a snapshot

Bucketlist Travels recently organised a mixed group trip to Ladakh. Nanditha, a HR Professional from Bangalore and a part of this group, beautifully encapsulates here, her experience of the enchanting Ladakh. You can also check out the trip pics on Facebook here

 Over to Nanditha… Oh btw, humor-wit happens to be Nanditha’s second name ;-)  

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Tick off Ladakh from your Bucket List!

This August Do Ladakh

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The BucketList Travel Company – Travel Differently!

Most of us would have at some time or the other picked up a travel magazine or switched on a TV channel showcasing a cuisine or a place and got instantly transported to a different location – only to be crudely brought back to the present where one ended up wondering “what am I doing slogging day in and out when there is so much out there to see & do?” Just like everyone else, we too were sailing in the same boat, till we decided to do something about it. From that thought process arose “BucketList Travel Company“. Today we are in the business of experiences. Providing you with travel, stay, people and food experiences that are one-of-it’s-kind and everlasting. What kind of travel experiences, you can ask? Well, we are quite clear what it’s not! And that’s the one-city-a-day, ‘look, quick, that’s the Eiffel Tower!’, if its Tuesday, it must be Tuscany’ kind of thing. Our kind of travel? Well, it’s different. Very different. More oriented on Experiences,than travel. It’s about travel that is tailored to one’s needs & desires. And not the other way round. It’s about getting under the skin of a city. Not seeing the sights and catching the last bus out. There is so much to explore, so much to discover that it sometimes seem unfair to be tied to the rigmarole of life’s routine monotony. Do we satisfy ourselves with arm chair traveling or do we set ourselves free and earn that little travel candy that our tired souls and thirsty mind truly deserve? You decide. BucketList Travel Company (BLTC) was born as a thought process of our conversations. The four of us who come from various fields had one thing in common – our love for travel experiences. Our passion for travel experiences encouraged us to create a platform where all of us can meet and share the same; a platform that helps people realize their travels and dreams. Hence we are in the business of experiences. Providing you with travel, stay, people and food experiences that are one-of-it’s-kind and memorable. The video below captures the essence of what we think BucketList Travel Company is all about… (if you are not able to view the video click here) Subscribe to our blog posts through e mail and stay tuned for travel information from around the globe. ….You can also follow us on Facebook BucketList Travel Company  
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