Ladakh – the splendor and that creative touch to its landscape!

Stunning Ladakh

Gompas, glistening-in sunrays- snow-peaked mountains, barren but equally mesmerizing landscapes, little lamas, grazing yaks, nomads on isolated mountains making yak cheese and butter, ever smiling locals who with contented-smiles-on-their-faces put most of us to shame who complain with all our luxuries,….etc. are some of the first thoughts that come to my mind as I think of Ladakh.

Apart from these thoughts, one also feels the emotions tugging at our hearts, when we think about what the brave soldiers of the Indian army go through in this desolate part of our country, while we led a secure life.

Colorful fluttering flags, an occasional hint of Buddhist chants during our drive, sight of white stupas that often lines the roads, sudden snowfall at the highest motorable road in the world, hot soup & maggi noodles in the highest café at Khardungla, peaceful but bumpy drives, rafting in the freezing cold waters of the Indus River, first sight of the stunning Pangong Tso, teeth chattering chill during the nights, more often than not that feeling of sudden need of more oxygen and the most important our dependency on diamox !!

Well no amount of words and beautifully written travelogues can sum up Ladakh for you. One has to visit Ladakh and feel it to understand its beauty in entire totality.

Besides the sheer beauty another thing that made our drives through the winding roads of Ladakh enjoyable was the signages that have been put up by the Border Road Organization (BRO) all along the roads. I found them creative and well thought of. Few of them successfully brought smiles to our faces. After a point, I had started looking forward to reading it and jotting it in my notepad! Here are few of them….

  • Safety on roads means Safe Tea at home
  • After Whisky Driving Risky
  • Speed & Safety never meets
  • A slip a slip – a hospital trip
  • All will wait, better be Late
  • Better to be Mr. Late than Late Mr.
  • Life is a limited company with unlimited dreams
  • Don’t become Gama in the land of Lama
  • Have another day by being safe today
  • Drive like hell & you’ll be there
  • Be gentle on my curves
  • Mind your brakes or break your mind
  • Darling I like you but not so fast
  • Drive carefully and live cheerfully
  • Do not be rash and end in crash
  • Love neighbor but not while driving
  • On the bend go slow friend
  • I am curvaceous be slow
  • Drive on horse power but not on rum power
  • Make love not war, but nothing while driving
  • Speed thrills, but kills
  • If you love her please divorce speed
  • Mountains are a pleasure only if you drive with leisure

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